Humbled By Laundry

My boyfriend and I were talking about household chores the other day. Me, for trying to gauge what level of home domesticated he is. I was pretty pleased to know that I dont have to do the laundry the next time we decided to get married. I dont like ironing. Folding clothes is the furthest thing I’d want to do on a daily basis. That explains  the investment in the many clothes hangers at home. 

Have you ever wondered how neatly folded the bed sheets are when they are back from the laundry? See how effortlessly the shirts were folded neatly into bundle? That, is the ultimate target my Dear One wants to achieve. And, for a man who has done and achieved so much in his life, is humbled by a simple laundry act by the guys at the laundry shop.

There are so many simple things in life that we tend to overlook in life. If we take a moment to observe all these,you’d be surprised at how they will humble you. It doesnt matter whether you were a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, a Managing Director of a company, a someone in the university, your walls are lined up with medals and plaques, but, for a simple fact that simple every day will make you realise there are more to than just taking things for granted.

I am humbled for:

  • the fact that the trishaw owner I met in Malacca recently could make his living and raising his 5 kids, and putting 2 of them through to the university.
  • the table hostess at a favourite restaurant in a local club remembered my name when I was there for dinner recently. Suzy was one of my favourite servers in the restaurants and we would chat sometimes. I have not returned to the restaurant for a while after moving away from the Sri Damansara area.
  • the persistance of a pisang goreng seller that I know who started of her business from the back of a bicycle. Now she and her husband drives a van and with a long queue waiting to buy her fried bananas and kuihs, it is a true testimony to what they had done for the past few years.
  • my laundry lady who makes no complaints each time I send her my 10 kg of what-nots on a weekly basis, though sometimes one of my cats decided to shed his hair more than ever on the sheets. I could never deal with other people’s laundry and mess. I have no idea how she could do it day in day out.

There are so many other examples of simple learnings that I see in the people that I met. They are just simple people. No Tan Sri’s or Datuk or Dr to their names. Ordinary Joes and Janes who make a difference in their lives.


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