Future Forward: A Brand New Day

I thought the title seemed apt for today’s blogging. I nicked the title from my company’s webcast that I sat in recently and it just fits in.

We all like to think of the future, have everything in place but do we really plan and take actions so as to materialise them? There are so many loose ends in our lives but we havent really thought enough to put the action in place to move forward.

Dating couples talk about their relationships, they talk about the future together, wedding dates, what to wear, who to invite, where to settle down, unborn children’s names. We talk of going for a holiday, finishing off that painting project or cleaning up the guest room.

We talked of having a better future for ourselves and our children. How many of us actually sit down with our partners and discuss on the money management, the insurance policies, wills, how much to put aside on the savings for the children’s education? These may sound so dry and heavy but need to be addressed.

But do we walk the talk?


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