Do You Have Time?

Rose and I have a friendship that developed first through The Seafarer, an ex boyfriend. The bond developed immediately when I first met this tall, lanky lady with the most curious curly blonde hair. Her children were just simply, simply adorable and the husband was just as friendly. Whenever we go out together, there would be such contrast between us – she the 6’2″ Australian lady and me the Asian sized 5’2″ friend walking side by side and I had to squint my face up whenever I talk to her.

The Seafarer is all but no longer a part of my life but my friendship with Rose remains. She has decided that she is my friend and not his, after seeing how I was affected by the dysfunction  relationship that was going. We last met during last year’s Christmas and had a blast enjoying early Christmas breakfast together in her kitchen. I brought her a little something for her Christmas tree, and she in returned fixed a humongus breakfast. I never thought we could polished off so many pieces of pancakes, sausages, eggs, fruits and we even cleaned the vanilla ice cream. We both later topped it all off with yoghurt in a big bowl that I could almost swear would never eat another yoghurt in the next few weeks.

Yesterday, we sat down again over breakfast in PJ1,  Section 16. A friend whom she had introduced to me and whom I met for the first in late October last year died of cancer just barely 4 days before. A strong woman with equally strong will to live. She was having coffee with another friend, got up from the chair, collapsed into deep coma and didnt make it 4 days later.

I shared with Rose my recent experience of an FB friend who died out of cancer too. You never knew how long you have until its too late.

You could never have enough time to do whatever you really want to do and so the time to do this is right now. Being present, now and enjoying the moment. I am thankful for the friendship that Rose and I have and thankful for the new day I woke up to this morning.  And what better way to wake up to the day and found two lovely emails from my boyfriend that reaffirms my believe that he is The One.


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