An Anniversary Wish For A Dear Friend

Mariah and I first met way back in 1995. I was then working with a local conglomerate as an Executive Secretary to the company’s Managing Director. Part of my job was to oversee the Group’s other secretaries and a huge pool of assistants. There she was, walking in, on her first day of work, looking so…when I thought of it…young.

She just graduated from high school. Young, eager, clever, pretty and like a sponge, absorbed everything you put infront of her. She was tasked to be the assistant to one of the most difficult Directors we ever had who also happened to be the company’s lawyer. Tough as it was to work with this man, but I recognized her talent and abilities. She moved from one subsidiary to another before finally being transfered to the main parent company.

Our friendship evolved too from office casuals to close friend. She was someone whom I can turn to.

Then, life moved on. I moved on from the company and so did she. We kept in touch sporadically although deep in my heart, I have always thought of the great times we had. Somehow, through the years we lost each other until by some fate, we bumped into each other sometime last year. I could not just believed it!

What I didnt know was that all the years where we lost each other, she was looking for me. Mariah even kept all of my mobile numbers that I once possessed and she said, once in a while, she would try to call and check whether it was me who would pick the call up.

She and Yusof her husband had just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary some time last week. I, for one, didnt have the opportunity to celebrate their event as I had other engagement. But, just tonight, Mariah and I had a “girlfriends” outing in Michaelangelo’s in Kiara Solaris as Yusof could not make it. I saw how their relationships evolved from when they were courting and then saw the rough patches they went through. But, I am glad that they have things sorted out and to see that Mariah has a husband who dotes on her.

I told her about what I learnt recently of emotional banks and what it meant to me.

I also told her that I have resolved to make sure that I will want to put more deposits with my best friends and try not to have many withdrawals.

And so, to Mariah and Yusof, a happy anniversary from me and hopefully more to come. Hope you both like the gift for your new house!




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