A Double Whammy

The case of Bukit Lanjan’s Assemblywoman Eli Wong has drawn so much attention nationwide. Knowing how kay poh we Malaysians are, I am not surprised that these interests are not about who will fill in the empty seat but more of a keen interest to know what is inside the much talked about photos.

I dont know Eli Wong personally and I dont vote in her constitution. I also really dont care which political party she represents. But, what I do know is that she is a victim of a person whom she had once trusted, if the rumors of her ex boyfriend, Hilmi Malek, was the culprit proved to be right. The public was also quick to assassinate her character and suddenly everyone has become the expert in this woman’s life.

Shame on you people!

This is the same thing as in telling a woman who had been raped that she had asked for it and that it was her fault the the rapist did his deed. Her very privacy had been invaded. Her life as a politician has always been a public life but give her some decency and dignity as a human being to have what is left of her personal life.

Following after the news break in the media, a few politicians were called for comments but, just as how the reactions were expected, they pledge that was a sensitive issue and they did not wish to make any comment. Why cant they say something smarter? Or, is the “no comment” a smarter thing to say to protect their own backs?


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