And, Here He Is.

Ok, here he is.

The much anticipated of The Man who makes me feel like 17 again. Funny how love zooms across the cyberspace, without paying any regard to creed, race, skin colour, religion, age, distance, time zone, zip code and choice of ice cream. (He likes chocolate and I like vanilla, plain, thank you). We are a terrible match at the kind of movie to watch. He doesnt mind chic flick and comedy. I will get excited over some dark thriller, although thank God, we both agree that Star Trek would save the day. He peeves if the toilet paper rolls underneath instead of over. I, on the other hand, really dont care.

He recites verses of the Quran better than I do. I speak better Malay than he does although I must admit I fare better on this one as he is just learning a few words. He speaks better French but of course that is simply because I dont speak a word of this language. Of course, we speak in English to each other but he writes better. ..

Oh yes. He drives on the wrong side of the road. He also said that I drive on the wrong side of the road. Cant win on this one.

I want to experience the Artic and -40C. He wants to stroll on a nice sunny day on the beach.

And yet, here we are.

And so, family and friends, here is George Mohammed B.



4 Replies to “And, Here He Is.”

  1. Ohhhhhh thank you! Thank you for sharing the happiness as a friend! It has been a long journey..;-)

  2. Heh! Heh! Nasi minyak next year kot..bila kita nak masuk rumah baru, will call you to design my dream kitchen, can?;-)

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