What Not To Do At The End Of A Good Day

….is NOT to read your news feed at 2.00 am, especially so when the news involved the stoning to death of 8 women and child execution in Iran.

Great!Two main subjects of interest of mine. No, make that three, and the real main underlying principal of these two are these: both are oppresed and unfairly represented segment of society in a country where the adult literacy rate among its people is only at 82% whereby the female illiteracy rate stands at 27.4%, sitting a close ranking at 49 in between Libya and Zambia at 48 and 50 respectively. (As comparison, literacy rate for Cuba is 99%, ranked at 1, Canada at 99%, ranked at 17, Singapore at 92.5%, ranked at 78 and Saudi Arabia at 82.9%, ranking at 112)

More gory stuff that my news feed fed me this wee morning via a few subscribed sites:

  • 2,000,000 Girls between 4 and 12 undergo genital mutilation every year.
  • Children are the victims of summary execution in 32 countries.
    20% of all America’s children live below the poverty line; 43.8% of America’s black children live below the poverty line
  • 85% Of US child prostitutes have previously suffered rape, incest or abuse.

What’s the underlying message that I wanted to get acrossed? Well, that to be continued on the next blog as my eyes and brain are just too freaked out looking at all these statistic and looking at some of the pictures.


3 Replies to “What Not To Do At The End Of A Good Day”

  1. George, I saw the picture of Ameneh the lady who was blinded and disfigured by the acid. She was a beautiful woman. I think the ruling of blinding the man who threw the acid at her was no real justice at all too. To me a real justice is when the punishment goes beyond physical.

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