What Are The Things That Make My Diet Go Busted, Part 2

Have you ever tasted the pizza in Souled-Out,  Hartamas? Pick one pizza, any pizza for that matter and you will not be let down. Washed down with their mean Long Island Tea, I could not have asked for a better dinner. Peter the bartender will be there to take care of whatever your bar needs, be it to have that extra lime, extra shot or to shoo away unwanted guy trying to sit next to you.

Look for Zack the outlet Manager when you are there. His team are a fantastic bunch of young and vibrant people.



Talking about having a bout of sweet tooth, I really dont mind sinking my teeth on J.Co doughnutsmmmm. My favourites are the Hazel Dazzle, Alcapone, Coco Loco, ….err…ok…the whole entire collection of their doughnuts are, unashamedly, favourite of mine…



Another favourite  is the Theobroma Chocolate Lounge in One Utama. This Aussie-originated everything-chocolate lounge makes its debut in Malaysia not too long ago.  Theobroma Chocolate Lounge has three outlets in Malaysia – One Utama (I frequent this one), Pavillion Kuala Lumpur and Bangsar Village Shopping Centre.


Sakae Sushi has always been a favourite franchised Japanese outlet I frequent to. Price wise, they are not too bad. Food quality is good and consistent from one outlet to another, although a favourite haunt is their outlet in The Curve as it is so much easier to find parking there and closer to home.









Glorious, glorious every imaginable seafood. The family has been going to Bangsar Seafood Restaurant ever since I was unmarried and followed through till today. The original outlet was a simple big hut al-fresco style right smack in the middle of then up-and-coming-to-be-hip Bangsar. It has since moved to a posh-er area of Bangsar, upgraded its facilities but still maintaining its quality of food. And, oh..obviously the price has reflected the change of time but still, looking at the regular customers who keep on coming back again and again shows that they have done something right.

Look for Meng Lee, GM Operations if you are not satisfied with the food, service etc etc though when I see her there it is more of some catching up with old stories more than anything else.

Bangsar seafood








Feeling a little bit peckish for Lebanese food? MM…….when this hits me, I’d be ever so willing to drive out from my comfort zone and head out to Changkat Bukit Bintang for Al Bait. This unobstrusive litte Lebanese restaurant is comfortable at its best, serves great food and the service never fails me. Oftentime, I get the staff to keep on sending new items which are still not on the menu to my table.

(Read Al Bait’s food review here)

Steak! Steak! Where else can I go to satiate my canivourous appetite BUT to head to Jake’s Charbroil Steakhouse in Medan Damansara. A stone’s throw away from another favourite Thai restaurant, Ayuttaya, Jake’s is the epitome of a place that serves real meat!



2 Replies to “What Are The Things That Make My Diet Go Busted, Part 2”

  1. Woahhh … so many places featured. That Theobroma Chocolate Lounge looks interesting enough to check out the next time I’m in that area. Not keen on J. Co Donuts though. Singapore’s been hit by the donut tsunami from so many companies that I can’t wait for them to die out like the bubble-tea craze.

  2. BC: The Theobroma in The Pavillion, Bukit Bintang is definitely canggih-er. Talking about nice makan place in Sin, I like the concept at Sun Tech City foodcourt. It is as if makan in a middle of a very large and old library! I love it!

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