Bitch Driver

Dear Bitch Driver who drove a pearly white Myvy with registration WGV 7050.

At approximately 8.30am today, you were driving on the Kerinchi Link heading towards Mid Valley Mega Mall at a neck-breaking speed . You almost knock my car as well as another Volvo. You missed us by mere inches in your pursuit of clearly looking for an emergency toilet, or that was how it seems. Only someone who was either rushing to the hospital and dying or someone with a bad tummy ache and needs badly to go would drive like a maniac as you did. You should have a bucket on that front seat.

You know, just saying.

You even had the cheek to slip on your sunnies and pretended as if nothing happened when I looked at you at the toll house. Why oh! why didnt you drive any faster at oh! say…180km/hour and just drive through the side barricades and go straight down 300 meters to the side of Bangsar highway.

Now, that would be really awsome.


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