In Virgil

9 years ago Lyn brought back a kitten home. She named her Comel. Comel literally grew up along with my daughter, shared the same bed, shared the same burger when I wasnt looking, played chase. Comel would wait for Lyn infront of the bathroom and would happily stroll in inside to be with her and didnt mind the water at all.

This grand old lady has not been well for a while now. She refused her favourite cat nibbles last night and I knew that it was close to her time.

As I type this away, she lays on her favourite old tshirt that belonged to me, and breathing her last breathes. Her old body seems to shrunk since this morning when I saw her last before leaving for work.

Comel has been a part of the family since forever. Whereever the family went, she would be there as well. I dont know how I really felt at the moment. It is kind of a mixed feeling – relief that her pain would be over, but it is like watching a loved one slipping away too.

As I stroke her body, she makes some whiny sound, her usual way of telling us when she was pleased. But, there was no more cheeky look coming from her eyes, but just a distant look. Once in a while, she would look at me.

I have delivered, cared for, raised, watched them grow, get sick and buried all of my cats all these while but Comel is definitely in her own league. I dont know whether cats do really feel any love as how we human does, but I do hope that she feels that she is loved all throughout her life with us.



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