What’s Hot, What’s Not Part 1

Spring is in the air they said. Well, for here in Malaysia, it doesnt matter, spring or otherwise, the weather can be nice and sunny at 34C and then it will be pouring rain the next and the weather dips to 27C.

Still, it will be hot and humid.

So, what’s hot nowadays? And what’s not? No, I am not just talking about what Mrs Obama wore during her last media focus at The White House organic vegetable patch walk-a-about, but other stuff in general from my perspective.

Let’s see..

What’s Hot Nowadays:

Facebooking. Let’s face it. You can run away from it but you cant hide. If 175 million people on planet earth are its users, you can bet your thumb that almost everyone in your boardroom is a user as well. I remember going into a round table discussion with a colleague. I took some pictures prior to the session and promised everyone that those snapshots will be posted to FB. 23 out of the 24 participants raised up their hands to acknowledge this fact. The 24th person was my colleague who just simply refused to bend to this invasion.

Twitter. I dont wish to advertise every single waking moment of my life to the world. That is why I dont really fancy Twitting although at first the idea was really, really tempting. But it must have been cool to exchange thoughts and learning of your friends’ activities when you Twit, but err..never mind.

Earth Hour. I didnt know that Earth Hour was mooted by WWF is a yearly thing, until some months ago. At least now we all know that someone in the branding and PR are doing their work to reach to the people like me. There are already 2,712 towns, cities and municipalities all throughout in 83 countries have commited to this cause to switch off their lights for an hour this coming at 8.30pm local time on Saturday 28 March, wherever they are on the planet.

I personally thought this is an amazing concerted effort and such a hype it has created all over the world. Imagine getting all these people doing one thing for one single cause at the same time when most of other times we have issues in trying to get them queing up properly to get on the bus.

UMNO election. This, can be categorized under what’s hot and can swivel to what’s not hot too. Hot because everyone talks about it. They talk about how the ACA’s recent prosecuting a few prominent names for money politics and as predicted, all these people claimed their innocence.

The latest news is that the 39 year old Khairy Jamaluddin won the Umno Youth Number 1 post and Shahrizat will helm the Wanita Umno Wing defeating Rafidah.

Petronas F1. Ahh…yes…one of my favourite sporting events of the year. With all the past 10 years or so having had the opportunity to participate in the activities associated to the local F1 scenes, I realized that there is no more adrenaline rush for me in this. This year the Petronas F1 will fall on 5 April in Sepang track. The iconic track will be filled to the brim again just like any other year. 2008 saw the cute-as-a-button Raikkonen stood on the grand stand as the winner. A few years back, I had the opportunity to be part of the hosting activities of the McLaren team in the local hot-spot in KL called Orange. That, was an awsome experience.


What’s Not Hot?

Gloom and doom news about the current world economic crisis. It was reported that even Starbucks globally will outplace 6000 employees in the next few months. With its profit dropped to 67%, it plans to close about 300 outlets globally with 200 outlets in US alone.


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