Doing The Mamak Food

I was hungry.

The Killiney’s downstairs were too packed with people. Cant blame them as it is more or less about the only cheap and decent place to have your quick makan in the early hours in The Mid Valley City.

I found out that I was wrong about this when I decided to take a walk  slightly further than my usual route. Usual means this: take the lift all the way down to L,  pass through the check point, take an escalator to go down further, pass through some glass doors. Then, walk pass the Japanese restaurant that is always pack, Starbucks which is always pack, Delicious which is always pack, and of course The Killiney’s which is , yes you guess it, pack.

Walk a few more steps, there is Chili’s, Seed’s, Amaleto, Maybank, Gloria Jeans, Spaghetti. They are all pack on most times. Wait, go back on that one. Maybank is not an eatery but a bank. Yes, they are usually pack with people  too. Even the small police station next to Spaghetti is always with people.

Dont these people have anything else to do??

So, day in, day out. Lift. Check point. Escalator. Kimono girls. Coffee. Cakes. Nasi lemak. Nachos. More cakes. Pasta. ATM machines. Strawberries & Cream frappe. Guys in blue. Pasta.

And back.

Anyways, I digressed.

I decided to pass the Tous boutique and walked till the end of the mall,  and then I saw it…wait, this… cant… be…. right. Steven’s Tea Garden. It looks like a mamak shop, menu is the same as any mamak shop, the teh tarik on someone’s table is unmistakenly looks like from a mamak shop, but hey! It is an upmarket mamak shop!

Still hungry and looking for my caffein fix in the morning, I picked one of the small tables facing Just Toast (which is already packed…). Rested my wary feet (what do you expect after walking a good 10 minutes in an inch and half heels in the mega mall?) Waited for a good 15 minutes before one of the staff came to me and took my order.


The menu was nicely done. What you do is to pick any of the dishes from the menu then you indicate whatever it is to your fancy on another order sheet together with the quantity and you pass this to the staff.

That morning, I was bracing myself to taste their Set B Breakfast set consisting of a teh tarik, a roti canai and a small side bowl of mutton curry all for a tidy sum of RM9.88…wow! I thought. This better be a good roti canai. I realised that if you order only the roti canai and a dhall curry, the cost is RM2.88.

Quite a princely amount for a roti canai.

My meals arrived not soon after. The teh tarik was done the way I like it. Less froth, strong and with just enough sugar and milk in it. The roti canai was not disappointing either. Smaller than a regular sized ones outside, the piece arrived at my table was crispy and delicious. The mutton curry was good except that it arrived a tad cold.


I have no problem in going back again to Steven’s Tea Garden except that I think they were still in teething stages. I found out from the cashier that they just opened to the public about two and a half months back. The service level was still a tad lacking compared to the usual mamak shops but I guess that can be quite forgiven when I realized the space they occupied was fairly large and there were only about 3 floor staff serving the morning crowd.

The lassi selection was interesting. Named after all the zodiacs – Aries, Taurus and so forth, they were all good choices of lassi with peaches, apples, mango among others. Very creative. I will update and post some pixs here when I manage to get hold of my card reader.

All and all, it is a place worth going back again.


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