Time Flies And It Is Okay

I was re reading a few entries I did since my first blogging experience way back in 2007, picked a few choiced months in 2008 and reflected. I read an entry in February 2008 about my house-shifting to the current place. Lots of things have changed too. There seemed to be an identifiable emotions than ran across the blog, like riding waves. It went high, rolled then hit it low and eased. Then again and again.

But nowadays the waves seems to be calmer. I feel more at peace with myself, no more major emotional turmoil that could have dragged me down below, and drown.

Some people could and never would find the inner peace due to their own doings I think. They refuse to let go of the past and is always fighting with the world. I figured since I am going to spend a mighty long time in this life, God willing, I might as well live well, peacefully and happily. The Seafarer, a few days ago spoke to me. Refused to believe that it has been over for a long time now. Refusing also to believe that I have definitely moved on and is happier in a loving relationship that I have now. I see that he is still fighting with his past demons, his concience, dragging his baggages, is bitter and spiteful. Apparently he is back with his estranged wife of 13 years and 2 children. Perhaps they deserve the unhappiness with each other. I dont know. Some people are such suckers for living life like that.

Time flies yes. And that is okay. There is a new day, new things and hopefully a better future.


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