The Big Four Oh Oh Oh

Wow! Looks like I have come to the Big Four Oh Oh Oh today!

I woke up very early this morning and watched the sun rose ever so slowly. My Guy called to wish me the happiest birthday. Thank you, Love, for the wonderful wishes.

So, how does it feel to wake up one morning and realized that the number at the front of your age changed ? I dont know, as it didnt feel anything at all except that it is a now a different number, and a big one too.

I remember when I was young, I looked forward to celebrate my 13th birthday because I knew I was old enough to have my identity card. I looked forward to celebrate my 15th birthday because it was a turning point where I would be transfered to a co-ed school (I was all the while in MGS). 17th birthday because, well, it was 17 and I looked forward to explore the world.

I received a diamond and gold key-shaped pendant from my mom when I was 17 too. I couldnt recall how I celebrated my 21st birthday. Time flies and I never thought the Big Four Oh number would come any sooner.

Eventually it did and it is today.

With a very low key pre birthday trip, The Teenager, her friends and I bundled together into two cars and we went away to the beach for the weekend. We had fun in the sun, played on the beach and watched the sunset. No more clubbing or going for the night scenes for birthday celebrations as I truly enjoyed more of the quiet times like these.


What does it mean to hit the Big Four Oh?

For one, it marked the day that I crossed the imaginary age of “truly living” or “life starts at 40”, whatever that means. Independant, mature like fine wine, liberated.

Yeah. Thats how it feels.

So. Wishing me a Happy Big Four Oh Oh Oh Birthday and God willing, more to come!



(the resort where we stayed. Awsome pool view from my bedroom)


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