Why They Come In Pairs

I was out at a friend’s place over the weekend. Kind of a girls’ Saturday night except that there wasnt any disco lights or loud music involved. It was just the three of us girls – me, Rose and Yvonne, sitting on Rose’s balcony, sipping some Chilean white and watching the sun set.

Rose had just moved to this rambling double storey bungalow and it looked homey and inviting. I commented on her book shelves which were laden with all the books she so loved. She cooked the loveliest dinner and we ate in her kitchen.

I felt great having some good friends like these two. We caught up with our latest stories, this and that.

I think in our lives, we can only have so many friends but how many are there who are truly a friend to you? Same goes for loving a person. You can love a person so much but have you ever really love?

Someone I knew in a not to distance life ago chose to be alone and disregard any resemblance or attempt by anyone who tried to get closer to him. I cannot for the life of me think that I would end up sitting alone on my balcony watching the sunset.


Deep inside, I can see why The Man Upstairs has said that He had created His creatures in pairs,so that they can love and be loved, and all will be well.


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