In Hospital

I am not a big fan of hospitals, never have, never been, never will. But this RM380 per night at the West Wing Premier Ward of Damansara Specialist Hospital has put me in a different perspective. The one-bedroom hospital room is big and comfortable enough. It comes with 24 inch flat screen tv  complete with cable service and a sleek, minimalist decor, plus wifi. Food is excellent, service is prompt and nurses are caring.

The Teenager was admitted to the Damansara Specialist Hospital since last Wednesday. She was showing symphtom of swine flu but blood test eventually ruled it out.  Apparently she has bronchitis and she has high fever too. It spikes and dips a few times in one night.

I decided to be with her throughout the hospitalization, not knowing that by Thursday I was showing some sympthoms of viral infections too. The fever and body aches were killing me. Looking at my girl was painful as she shivered under the blanket fighting against the high fever. There were jabs to bring down the fever, antibiotics and pills.

After 2 days of having this fever and body ache that didnt subside, I decided to seek for treatment as well. Just mere walking to the bathroom was a pain. It felt as if there were pins and needles all over my body. My joints ache badly and the headache was terrible. Jabs, blood test were in order. At first they suspected chikuniya but the blood test returned negative.

 As I type this, the tv is on to The Teenager’s favourite channel. I could feel the fever and body aches creeping up again. Time to down the medicine.


Some People Can Be Sick

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The things people looked up on the net and had to end up on my blog is just. so. amazing.

My Teenager Is Sick, And Something Spooky Visited Us.

She was groaning in pain the entire night. My poor Teenager is sick and she had high fever. Could have been due to the bad weather for the past few days. It gets awfully hot at night and equally humid during day time. Even the cats were not spared. They were all sleeping in the cool bathrooms trying to escape the heat.

What I wanted to write today, apart from her being sick and all that, was that we were visited by some kind of a spooky visitor just right after Maghrib yesterday evening. So for those of you who doesnt believe in spirits, that is fine. We can agree to disagree right now.

As many of those who know me, my apartment is facing the nice, lush green forest on top of the hills. The Malays believe that in some ways, there are wandering spirits everywhere including the forests. Sometimes they found some doors to get to this side of the world and thus make their presence known.

So there, right after the azan died down, this big, black shadowy thing sat hovering the windows of The Teenager. She was already running a high fever at this time and was fast asleep. Fahmy her friend was in the same room and looking a bit worried as he got his back scratched just minutes before by The Teenager after she claimed to see this “thing” sat on his shoulder.

I recited a few holy verses and it disappeared but just for a while. I knew it would be back for a while but didnt know for how long.

After cooking a simple dinner, I woke The Teenager up and Fahmy set the table. When she sat down, the stubborn thing was back and this time he/she/whatever gender this thing was, was hovering behind her. And at the same time, The Teenager closed her eyes and said, “Ma, please get this thing off my shoulders”.

Stubborn thing. A few holy verses did it and I recited them all around the house and closed the windows. The cats were making so much noises and looking so anxious.

It disappeared, whatever it was and wherever it came from. I dont like unwanted visitors like that. They are suppose to live over the other side of the world, not here this side. And these things are ugly and scary.


Facebook Is Haram.

Yeah, right.

If Facebooking is what it really is “as per” the Clerics in Indonesia is saying, my typical day would look something like this:

6.00 am: woke up from slumber. Boot the laptop. Click “favourite”, scroll down to company’s server. Click additional page, go to Facebook site. Click personal emails.

6.10am: done checking work email. Click out. Browse messages in Facebook in-box. Saw 69 sexy messages. Replied all with equally sexy messages as well. Click “Are You Interested” application. Grins at own naked profile pix. Sent 69 flirt messages.

6.20am: saw one friend online. Click “send message”. Flirt. Flirt. Flirt. Switch to MSN? Sure! On cam. Camming.

6.30am: Ok, done flirt and illicit on-line sex. Phew!

9.00am-6.00pm: at work.

6.30pm: Check personal emails. Saw MORE hot messages. Responded to all. Wow! All these cyber thingy and Facebooking thing sure is working! Maybe there is more messages from Myspace and Friendster too.


Now, we allllll know that even without Facebook, Myspace or any other online social networking platform, gossips, illicit sex, vulgar behaviour (hey! I was merely quoting what they wrote in the newspapers) have been around for the donkey years.

I admit it. I am a Facebooker. That is where I get connected to my friends, colleagues and relatives. George sends me nice stuff through the various applications there. The cousins are being kept updated through messages and we all know when the other friends have gone on holidays. I get connected to friends and cheer them up when they are sick or found new love. Or even got dumped.

This is an era where everyone is connected via something. It doesnt have to be Facebook. If getting connected like this is haram, then they should declare tv as haram too. Ban tv, ban the radio, ban mobile phone, ban cinemas, ban the cable. Heck! Why just talk when you can pool all the entire 700 clerics and demand from the Government to tear down the powerhouses and  all of us go back to the dark ages where there is no electricity as it promotes “vulgar behaviour” as it is Satan’s tool to entice human creating sinful acts.

People have been shagging behind the bush, in the lift, behind the cow shack, at the graveyard, getting a quickie in the paddyfields. Bored housewives, maids have been exchanging hot stuff across the kitchen windows while drying the laundry. Office workers gossips near the water coolers. Who wears pink bras today or who gets laid last night. There are people who does it on camels too.

And we blame Facebook??


I can bet my little pinkies to go without nail varnish for a week that not even ONE of the 700 clerics have account with any of the social networking platforms.

Let me just quote this:

“They decided “Facebook is haram (or forbidden) if it is used for gossiping and spreading lies,” he said, and that users also could not ask overtly intimate questions or in anyway encourage “vulgar behavior.”

But the clerics noted, too, there were many upsides to Facebook and other trendy, new forms of communication, from mobile phone text messaging to video conferencing”

People! People! Please make up your minds. You cannot be going around sitting on a fence making statements as vague as that. As it is, the religion has received quite a bad publicity for making statements that reflects not from the religious point of view but more of their own understanding and bias-ness of understanding with the current world affairs or technologies.

“And verily, this is My straight path, so follow it, and follow not (other) paths, for they will separate you away from His path. This He has ordained for you that you may become Al-Muttaqoon (the pious)”

[al-An’aam 6:153]

Islam itself is a progressive religion. It prepares to accept the truth whereever it comes from. However, for those who dare not provide evidence simply because of their own ideology, then they ought to be condemned for their attitude.

‘‘Bring a Book from Allah which is a better guide than these two (the Torah and the Qur’an), I will follow it, if what you say be true!’’ So if they do not meet this demand, you should know that they only follow their own desires. And who is more misguided than the one who follows his own desires rather than the guidance from Allah? (28:49-50)

Facebook promotes vulgar behaviour and illicit sex?

Why dont these people sit down together and think about how to improve the livehood of the Ummah, how we can seize the economic opportunities in the halal industries globally. Streamline the process of getting certification of halal food for cottage industries so that single mothers, poor families can benefit from downstream industries. Sit down, muzakarrah together to identify how to divide all the money from the zakat and fitrah so that children from poor families can affort to pass through the airports (instead of just looking at them from outside) and place them in universities so that they can come back and help build the nation.

Muzakarrah to find the best way to communicate and understand the challenges of muallaf so that they have a deeper understanding of the faith and not feel as if they are making the biggest mistake in their lives by converting. They left everything behind to embrace the faith. Some were disowned by the families. The men had their hood cut. Or being discarded by their own families for standing up to their belief.

And they have to talk about Facebook. All 700 of them.


Single Mom, The Challenges

I had to leave the office earlier than my usual lunch hour today to pick The Teenager and send her to college for her 1.00 pm class. You see, our apartment is quite far from the main road and this has rendered those who dont have transportation to go out inconvenienced, including my daughter.

It is really a catch 22. We have been planning to get her the driving licence so that she can drive the family car when “there is an emergency”. But the other idea is also for her to be independent to move around with her own transport, when she owns one.

The only problem is, if she gets her driving license, we need another car.

I find that in my experience as a single mom, there are so many challenges that sometimes I just feel like there is nowhere to turn to but to bulldoze, come what may the end result might look like.

One of my fears is to have a very sick teenager at home when I am travelling for work. The extended family is but a figment coming from the previous life. If they had never been playing a major role before, now would not really matter too. Ferrying The Teenager back and forth has never been a real issue except when I am away working at a different part of the city where I cannot leave as quickly as possible. Another fear is, what if one day I just got sick, collapse and die?

Playing multiple role and juggling the financial aspects which some came from the previous marriage baggages, household stuff, a teenager, and at the same time playing the competent employee can be quite a handful sometimes.

After more than 2 years being a single mom, I think there are aspects of this single-mommyhood that I have mastered but some, sadly, I am still grappling around trying to find the right fit on how to do them.

Yeap, it is still a pretty scary world out there.

A Sunday Thought – Happiness Is….

Happiness is…………..

eating my favourite Baskin Robbin’s vanilla ice cream

on a hot day

on a secluded beach, nice warm and soft sand

open blue sky and inviting water

with my two most favourite people in the whole wide world

not a care in the world

but just living for that moment.

Happiness  is………

waking up to a beautiful day

and heart still beating

next to the person I love

whom I know

loves me back

as much as I love him.

Happiness is……….

happiness does

and God created human with brains

to weight options

right and wrong

left and right

day and night

sad and happiness

options to decide

and which route to take.


(credit image: Michael Leunig)

Small Things Matters



George decided to sent a bouquet of flowers to The Teenager to celebrate her college life. With my help, we managed to pull off ordering a nice 24 stalks of pink roses bouquet which was delivered to her college.

What a pleasant surprise it was to her!

I think this would become a topic discussed till kingdom come.

I am thrilled that my Teenager is enjoying her college life now after going through so many rough patches together with me after coming out from “the previous life”. Life now is more peaceful, harmonious and content.

I am also glad to have found someone who shares the same values and outlook of life. To him, small things matters and I could not have agreed more to it.

In the previous life, it was always an uphill battle to figure out what sort of things really matter towards contributing a livable marriage life. They were always a balancing act of between making more wealth and well, living it. We didnt realize that small things matters.

  • Like walking hand in hand while walking in the mall, and meant the act, not just mere doing it.
  • Offering to make some drinks even it was just pouring something straight from the water cooler.
  • A stalk of whatever flowers that only costs RM1.00.

In my mind, I used to think is there really any couple who are out there doing all these and meant what they were doing?

A friend’s husband whom she married when they were in their mid-twenties make a wedding vow to build her a house complete with orchard. Close to 18 years down the road, he did. Their life has flourished throughout the years that my friend, N never really see the need to join the workforce any longer but just the occassional consulting job to tickle her brilliant brain.

She is content playing Domestic Director, a wife to a loving husband and a mommy to three beautiful children. I dont believe she ever really wanted to leave the workforce behind but  now her motives and drives in life have changed. This is what makes her alive, and happy. Who am I to complaint?

Coming back to the original reason what makes me thought of these, yes, small things do matters. It holds anchor to all of the other bigger rocks and ties them back together to make the bigger picture more beautiful and livable.

Jalan-Jalan Mayday 2009

People say the best way to de-stress is to go back to basics living and take in the fresh breath of air.

A couple of weekends ago, 8 adults and 8 fur-babies taking a trip to discover nature way deep in the jungle of Perak.

The journey started off right after the Sungai Buloh toll heading towards north. 4 cars convoy-ed through the North-South highway for 2.5 hours then off turn to Gopeng inter-change. The landscape changed as we drove through the coastal road, passing through the small villages heading towards Gopeng town.

We drove for close to another half-hour before reaching to the junction that would lead us to Rumah Rehat Adeline (www.rumahrehatadeline), a back to nature escapade from the hustle and bustle of city life. The drive took an almost off-roading experience except that the cars we were in were built for city driving. Lucky for Stanlie and Goh who drove a 4WD took to the road with breeze.

















(Myza was in the hammock next to me)

I ended the journey by crossing over to Pangkor Island and had a good time watching the sunset in Pasir Bogak beach stretch.

Mother’s Day 2009

Nothing beats a lovely surprise from The Teenager when I found a personalized key chain as Mother’s Day gift hidden in between the foldings of the napkin during the dinner.

























The venue was at Bangsar Seafood. We ordered the favourites – butter crab, loh hon chai (mixed vegetables), prawns with XO sauce, venison and cashews.