In Hospital

I am not a big fan of hospitals, never have, never been, never will. But this RM380 per night at the West Wing Premier Ward of Damansara Specialist Hospital has put me in a different perspective. The one-bedroom hospital room is big and comfortable enough. It comes with 24 inch flat screen tv  complete with cable … Continue reading In Hospital

Some People Can Be Sick

Look at the some of the key words that landed on my page. 2009-05-19 to Today Search Views brendan fraser 73 (this guy is very popular!!) mee goreng 11 cheese cake 10 mel gibson braveheart 7 brenden frasier 4 (again!) funny blogs about life 4 tibet monastery 4 malaysia real rape sex 4 (ewww! sick!!) hottest men … Continue reading Some People Can Be Sick

Facebook Is Haram.

Yeah, right. If Facebooking is what it really is “as per” the Clerics in Indonesia is saying, my typical day would look something like this: 6.00 am: woke up from slumber. Boot the laptop. Click “favourite”, scroll down to company’s server. Click additional page, go to Facebook site. Click personal emails. 6.10am: done checking work email. … Continue reading Facebook Is Haram.

Small Things Matters

  George decided to sent a bouquet of flowers to The Teenager to celebrate her college life. With my help, we managed to pull off ordering a nice 24 stalks of pink roses bouquet which was delivered to her college. What a pleasant surprise it was to her! I think this would become a topic discussed till … Continue reading Small Things Matters