Jalan-Jalan Mayday 2009

People say the best way to de-stress is to go back to basics living and take in the fresh breath of air.

A couple of weekends ago, 8 adults and 8 fur-babies taking a trip to discover nature way deep in the jungle of Perak.

The journey started off right after the Sungai Buloh toll heading towards north. 4 cars convoy-ed through the North-South highway for 2.5 hours then off turn to Gopeng inter-change. The landscape changed as we drove through the coastal road, passing through the small villages heading towards Gopeng town.

We drove for close to another half-hour before reaching to the junction that would lead us to Rumah Rehat Adeline (www.rumahrehatadeline), a back to nature escapade from the hustle and bustle of city life. The drive took an almost off-roading experience except that the cars we were in were built for city driving. Lucky for Stanlie and Goh who drove a 4WD took to the road with breeze.

















(Myza was in the hammock next to me)

I ended the journey by crossing over to Pangkor Island and had a good time watching the sunset in Pasir Bogak beach stretch.


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