Small Things Matters



George decided to sent a bouquet of flowers to The Teenager to celebrate her college life. With my help, we managed to pull off ordering a nice 24 stalks of pink roses bouquet which was delivered to her college.

What a pleasant surprise it was to her!

I think this would become a topic discussed till kingdom come.

I am thrilled that my Teenager is enjoying her college life now after going through so many rough patches together with me after coming out from “the previous life”. Life now is more peaceful, harmonious and content.

I am also glad to have found someone who shares the same values and outlook of life. To him, small things matters and I could not have agreed more to it.

In the previous life, it was always an uphill battle to figure out what sort of things really matter towards contributing a livable marriage life. They were always a balancing act of between making more wealth and well, living it. We didnt realize that small things matters.

  • Like walking hand in hand while walking in the mall, and meant the act, not just mere doing it.
  • Offering to make some drinks even it was just pouring something straight from the water cooler.
  • A stalk of whatever flowers that only costs RM1.00.

In my mind, I used to think is there really any couple who are out there doing all these and meant what they were doing?

A friend’s husband whom she married when they were in their mid-twenties make a wedding vow to build her a house complete with orchard. Close to 18 years down the road, he did. Their life has flourished throughout the years that my friend, N never really see the need to join the workforce any longer but just the occassional consulting job to tickle her brilliant brain.

She is content playing Domestic Director, a wife to a loving husband and a mommy to three beautiful children. I dont believe she ever really wanted to leave the workforce behind but  now her motives and drives in life have changed. This is what makes her alive, and happy. Who am I to complaint?

Coming back to the original reason what makes me thought of these, yes, small things do matters. It holds anchor to all of the other bigger rocks and ties them back together to make the bigger picture more beautiful and livable.


2 Replies to “Small Things Matters”

  1. Salam, money is not everything Hawa. Kalau sebab duit Kak Sam takkan tinggalkan kerja tapi memandangkan anak-anak lebih memerlukan Kak Sam maka terpaksalah ucapkan bye-bye….tambahan pula kami memang tak pernah ada maid. Bukan emas permata yang Kak Sam minta dari abang Zali cukuplah apa yang ada dengan kasih sayang yang mengikatkan kami sekeluarga. InsyaAllah moga-moga Allah berkati hidup kami yang sederhana ini.

  2. Insyaallah Kak Sam, you and Abang Zali, semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki. Take the lessons from kitaorang yang pernah melalui all these bad experiences with bad marriages. Yang tersurat dan yang tersirat, semua kena paham. Saya cuma harapkan yang terbaik untuk diri ini dan juga anak, thats all. Bukan nak lebih pun. Allah will test us when we have everything, and when we have nothing.

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