My Teenager Is Sick, And Something Spooky Visited Us.

She was groaning in pain the entire night. My poor Teenager is sick and she had high fever. Could have been due to the bad weather for the past few days. It gets awfully hot at night and equally humid during day time. Even the cats were not spared. They were all sleeping in the cool bathrooms trying to escape the heat.

What I wanted to write today, apart from her being sick and all that, was that we were visited by some kind of a spooky visitor just right after Maghrib yesterday evening. So for those of you who doesnt believe in spirits, that is fine. We can agree to disagree right now.

As many of those who know me, my apartment is facing the nice, lush green forest on top of the hills. The Malays believe that in some ways, there are wandering spirits everywhere including the forests. Sometimes they found some doors to get to this side of the world and thus make their presence known.

So there, right after the azan died down, this big, black shadowy thing sat hovering the windows of The Teenager. She was already running a high fever at this time and was fast asleep. Fahmy her friend was in the same room and looking a bit worried as he got his back scratched just minutes before by The Teenager after she claimed to see this “thing” sat on his shoulder.

I recited a few holy verses and it disappeared but just for a while. I knew it would be back for a while but didnt know for how long.

After cooking a simple dinner, I woke The Teenager up and Fahmy set the table. When she sat down, the stubborn thing was back and this time he/she/whatever gender this thing was, was hovering behind her. And at the same time, The Teenager closed her eyes and said, “Ma, please get this thing off my shoulders”.

Stubborn thing. A few holy verses did it and I recited them all around the house and closed the windows. The cats were making so much noises and looking so anxious.

It disappeared, whatever it was and wherever it came from. I dont like unwanted visitors like that. They are suppose to live over the other side of the world, not here this side. And these things are ugly and scary.



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