Moving House Again

Slightly more than a year ago I blogged of my stress of moving house from the old place in Taman Tun to the current one I occupy. It was a post divorce move and all else came with the nuances of having to deal with emotional and financial trauma.

I thought that I will be here for a good long while. I really love the place. It is airy, far away from the maddening crowd and it has all the ammenities – pool, club house, gym.

Last Sunday over lunch, I received a text from the Landlord telling me that he wants to move back in and that could I please vacate the unit by end of the month. I stopped eating. I couldnt eat. I could not even swallow my food.

Shift house? Again? Within a month?

The following evening he and his wife came over to the house. Apparently he sold off his house and the new owner will come in between 4-6 weeks timeframe.

What a bummer! It is not so easy to get a good house within such a short time. I have been talking to several agents for the past few days and had seen a few units already. I plan to at least lock in a few options by end of the week so that I can relocate towards by the third week of the month. I have been driving to a few favourite housing areas to scout for a unit, weighing between price, location and size.

On the other hand, amidst all of the chaos and stress, I like to look at it from a different perspective as well.

The Gen Y Teenager is in college now. I am going to settle down again and God willing, soon. We do need a house, a bigger space, with some land to plant my herbs again, where the cats can romp and friends and relatives can come and enjoy our cooking over the weekend.


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