Hunting For The House

I have been house hunting since Monday. Some of the agents that I spoke to were crappy. Crappy because:

  • they didnt listen to what my requirements are
  • the “I dont really care” attitude
  • new agents who doesnt have anything in their list
  • agents who tried to sell me something that wasnt fitting in my needs

One guy even had my name wrong and that was even after we spoke for the tenth time! Crappy! Crappy! Crappy!

There are only a few items in my wishlist when I discovered I only have a month to look for a new place and then shift:

  • Location
  • Size
  • Budget

But with the time constraint I find it quite a challenge to find one property that is really convenient for the The Teenager to go to the college. For one, her college will move to a new place somewhere in Seksyen 13 which is right smack in the middle of a mature township. Properties are expensive in the vicinity.

Public transport may pose a real challenge if we decided to pick a location at the outskirt. Kuala Lumpur is not exactly like Singapore where each LRT station is connected to a feeder bus station or each housing estate is inter-connected to a smooth public transport that arrive on time.

Students rely heavily on public transport and it doesnt help that to get connected from one public transport to another means juggling the time. Malaysians generally doesnt stick to time.If the train schedule says it will arrive at 8.30am, be prepared to give at least ten mins before or after the stated time.

I dont necessarily need a big house, just enough to accommodate the two of us (and soon to be three) plus my fur-babies.

However, yesterday I spoke to this agent. Lenny* was good. She listened. She gave feedbacks and explained to me what are the steps that she would take so that we can agree on a timeline. Lenny asked all the right questions too. Then, she emailed me a list of properties that fits into my wishlist. Out of the 11 properties, 7 was a good choice and we agreed to have a look in the next few days.

Amazing. Maybe there is silver lining at the end of the cloud after all.

* name changed.


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