New Place For Makan

Makan – to eat,

Makan-makan – to eat, gathering of a group of people and with plenty of food served

Time and again, Asians are generally labeled as being a “foodie” bunch. Malaysians in general love their food any time of the day. Breakfast cannot be called a breakfast without the dose of roti canai, nasi lemak, nasi kerabu, lontong, tosei, all washed down with the obligatory teh tarik, kopi or Milo kau.

“Let’s go for coffee” means to have the whole works of the meals – either rice or noodles and the endless orders of drinks. Day or night. 3pm or 3 am. Tea time means a whole selection of kuih muih (sweet meats) and teh or kopi tarik. Fresh fruit juice if the day gets too hot. Add in the ABC and rojak mamak towards the end of the meals, and you get a very happy Malaysian.

Pappa Kopitiam is a not-so-new kopitiam that I have started to love. Not so new because they have been around for a while in the past couple of years but somehow they have started to leave some footprints in all the right places.

For one, service is prompt and friendly although dont expect an extremely intelligent conversation on “what is good on the menu today”. Many of the floor staff sounded foreign, could be from Myanmar. 

 The beverage selection is just totally awesome. The meals are reasonable and they have all of my favourite roti selections. The roti bakar and roti steam are among the favourites. Local favourites such as the nasi lemak, laksa kari and asam laksa are good for what it is worth.


A friend of mine, Miss M has been going to Pappa Kopitiam for a while and had never tasted their roti steam. She is hooked to it after one fine Sunday afternoon of persuading her to try something new in the menu. She likes the roti steam so much so that she would take the ardous drive all the way from Petaling Jaya to Kota Damansara enroute home which will see her drive another 20 minutes or so in return.

The half boiled eggs here are done just the way I like them – not so hard and just easy. Beverages range from the usual coffee and tea to the whole works of juice and soya milk which is a firm favourite of mine. The soya milk is just right – thick, rich and not so sweet.

On top of all of these,they provide a respite for those who wants to get connected to the net as they provide a free wifi service.

As I type this in one of their latest outlets in Damansara Uptown, I have a steaming cup of kopi cham next to me along with roti bakar peanut butter. The peanut butter is the chunky kind, which again, is my favourite.


2 Replies to “New Place For Makan”

  1. Ah yes. You should see THIS toast with peanut butter……nice, warm, buttery, thick, chunky peanut butter slathered on a chunky piece of warm, toasted white bread……..

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