Puking Over Online Love Scammers

Online love scammers are everywhere. They haunt the Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, you name it, they are there.

And I am getting sick of receiving messages from them. But then again, looking at things, maybe they can become a source of humour. I mean, look at these messages that came via my hardly-used-account of Myspace:

A message from a dude who called himself Eddie Johnson. Looks like a middle aged western guy.

True friendship is forever and lasts for more than a while ,don’t think about saying never, just look around and then smile. True friendship will stand the test of time no matter what people say or do,and one like yours and mine are proof that it’s all too true to be given a trial.
I know we had to meet cos in this search for love we could be meant for each other and there is only one thing in life which is to love and be loved. I will like you to keep this friendship alive so you can contact me with my e-mail address eddyjohnson2008@yahoo.com
Eddy Johnson

Verdict? Bleagh!

Another came in by the name of Wellington Ehonwa. He looked like a western guy but with a name like that, you can never tell huh? Read his message:

Hello pretty angel,
how are you doing?i hope an guess you are fine..babe i must say you are fine.God what a wonderful illuminating smile that has a way of driving it ways into a mans heart.sorry that i am saying all this but its the truth and only the truth i will tell you.i have gone through and i would say its nice but i dont judge
a book by its cover.i believe there is a someone for everyone and no matter how long it takes to find that person its what it.i really want to know you more
and build a solid foundtion with you as that is the first step to friendship.i believe honesty and sincerity should be our watch word.its hard to talk about
once self but i think i will try.distance shouldnt be a barrier as true love cares not about boundary because its endless. i would relocate for my perfect woman.
Full Name: Mr.Wellington Bostonw
Height: 170 cm (5’7″)
Eyes: hazel
Hair Color: BLACK,
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite food: Toss-up between Rock Lobster Tails and Jumbo Prawns sauteed in
butter and lemon juice
Favorite sport to watch:golf and Tennis
Favorite sport to participate in: golf and Tennis
Favorite recreational activity: Fishing with my friends but it would be fun if it is with my family
Favorite place in the world that I have visited: newcastle
Favorite place in the world to visit on holiday: any fine beach with the woman i love
Family members: Mother and uncle, , A younger brother
Favored hand: Write, eat, play golf right-handed; swing baseball bat right
right handed; kick with left foot
Favorite time of day: Morning; it sets the mood for the whole day
Favorite music: Southern Rock (Lenyrd Skynrd, ZZ Top, etc.) Country (the upbeat stuff:
Toby Keith, Charlie Daniels, Alabama, etc.) 70’s oldies, Blues and majorly RandB(R kelly)
Favorite movie of all time: The Wizard of Oz (really!)
Hobbies: Computers, golf playing,slow dancing, reading books
What I like in people: Random acts of anomynous kindness, generosity, courtesy,
politeness, selflessness and sincerity
What I dislike in people: Rudeness, cruelty, inconsiderate behavior toward others,
selfishness and staining your nicest jacket with a cup of tea.
i am so so sorry if i have bored you with my email,i would like you to send me an email to my private mail box(ehonwawellington@yahoo.com) till i hear from

you do take good care of yourself and keep that angelic smile of yours,because people around you needs it and i for one also needs it.
Wellington Bostonw

Verdict? Yeah! Right! I am surprised he didnt add his junior high school spelling bee contest result.

Stacy James looked every little bit like a guy in a cowboy film but ended up on a beach. Read his message:

Hi Friend,
how you doing? am new in this site and am looking for a friend to chat
with.my name is Stacy James,am 40 of age,based in uk .it realy will be my plessure charting and getting to know you more better. if you wish to know more about me you can contact me via mail or you can still add me with my email address which is (tbaby4love39@yahoo.com) be exspecting to hear from you soon.

thanks alot.
Stacy James.

Verdict? He needs to go to school. Again. Badly. Badly!!!

Zacki Clinton looked suave enough. Maybe the real guy who owned the picture was really suave , but not the scammer who used it. His message was titled: I love you cat….hmmm…he loves my cat? Right…

His message:

Hello dear, How is your day? hope it was great, i hope you have a very civilised atmosphere. It was really good spending my time with your profile on-line. I would like to have some chatting conversation with you, i knew there was something very special about you because you have captured my mind and interest.

I think and i have come to realise that our meeting on net is a destiny that will soon come to pass. The net is only but a mediun for us to meet each other due to the great distance separating us. More so, i would like us to keep in touch always.

I wish you could understand me better and know how deep i adore, admire, and want you. i really want to have a good relationship with you, do let me know your opinion concerning my proposal to you, Hope to hear from you soon.

Have a lovely day.

Verdict: He wished I have a civilised atmosphere…and that he had a good time with my profile online? What does that mean? Did he do something that I think he did? Hmm..


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