Hubby And His Chillis

I just simply love a quiet evening at home and having a quiet meal with no less than a home-cooked meal. Nothing so teribbly fancy. Maybe some simple noodle in chicken soup or tuna sandwiches on white bread. Lamb chop is most prominent in this household for dinner simply because they are so super easy … Continue reading Hubby And His Chillis

The Ring On My Finger

I used to joke that I would never ever find a man worthy enough to be my life partner. This of course came about after my bitter divorce episode and a few hit and miss experiences with a few amazingly worthless crappy creatures who happened to have balls in between their legs, and called themselves men. These … Continue reading The Ring On My Finger

Love Poem Generator

It is late. I want to write something in my blog, preferably something nice and sweet to end the day. A poem would do, but, my brain just cant think of any suitable rhyme to all these. Solution? A nifty poem generator. Check out the link here. As usual, I decided to be a bit … Continue reading Love Poem Generator

One Day In Your Life..

has always been a favourite song of mine for any karaoke session. Call it my “lagu wajib” (a must song to sing), I would sing this often especially after the painful period of my divorce. It wasnt so much of the meaning from the entire lyrics but I think I like the song for its  … Continue reading One Day In Your Life..