Life Is One Big Stage

When I first started blogging back in July 2007, the writings were of a confused and an angry person at most times, trying to make sense of all the changes that happened around me, and to me.

The blogosphere served as a platform for me to rant, bitch, share and doing some self internalization. There were definitely a lot of reflections as well.

It served as an escapism from the heartfelt wrench of life.

As I move on with life, the tone changes gradually, reflecting the mindset change and phase of life. I moved house. The Teenager’s SPM results at school, her first college days, along with a few more life’s journeys – sad and happiness-added on to all these. It also tells of the life’s challenges of lost loves and new beginnings with now my Other Half. Creating new memories and new anniversaries.

I had likened the past life I had as if I was on a big stage – people dont seem to be what they are…everyone was acting and projecting another image that they are not. People were close to me for all the wrong reasons too sometimes. And I didnt realize it until it was too late. Hearts were broken and faith shattered. Friendships ruined and families lost.

I do now know that not everyone was like that. That there are genuine people all around.

Marriage came and went, and so did relationships and friendships. Families and friends. Everyone had their roles on the big stage of life. No script, no rehearsal, the show just move along as it deems fit, all engineered by the unseen hands of God.

The stage has now been set to a more merriful background. It is more vibrant with colours, laughter and happiness.

I pray that it would be that way and we all can live happily ever after, finally.


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