The Ring On My Finger

I used to joke that I would never ever find a man worthy enough to be my life partner. This of course came about after my bitter divorce episode and a few hit and miss experiences with a few amazingly worthless crappy creatures who happened to have balls in between their legs, and called themselves men. These creatures were mostly full of themselves and even now, when I reflected, I started to wonder – Wow! Was I blind?

Then, someone special came along. With him, he brough along his wonderful sense of humour, wit, brain, looks and everything else in between. And more. He also brought that sense of being loved, wanted, secure, happiness and content. And the most important thing is, he accepted me just the way I am, along with a Teenager in tow.

I did say to him that this is a No Return Policy and As Is Where Is Basis. What you see is what you get. The little package cannot be separated. Either take the whole thing or none at all.

Looks like he decided that he would venture along and took the plunge.

Took a plunge he did.

Close to a year down the road, here is the result of this relationship, born out of love and respect…and pile high phone bills.



4 Replies to “The Ring On My Finger”

  1. Finally! We can all all start to talk about something else other than First Nation, Canada, ice, etc…..just kidding. God bless the both of you. I am truly happy for you Hani. You deserve this moment.

  2. Kak Sam: terima kasih kerana datang ke majlis akad kami yang sederhana. Insyaallah hidup ini akan lebih diberkati Allah.

    SK: well not quite! Wait till I rave non stop about my man;-)

    Stephanie: thank you for your wishes!

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