Creating New Memories And Anniversaries

Some people say that life is a bitch. The truth is, it is. No two ways about it. Life can be unfair too but then it is all about balance. The Man upstairs has ensured that all is fair in this life.

I found my friend, partner, soul mate and a husband in George. All nicely wrapped in one package. We often joked how we would be creating new memories and anniversaries when we were together. The both of us has come a long way in this life. Both were looking for something which we though would never exists.

Well, looks like for once we were wrong.

Here I am clanking away on the laptop quietly just a few steps away from my husband who is performing his prayers for the day. Looking at him, it fills me with a sense of content and happiness that words could never described. His brown hair strays ever so slightly and his eyes closed as he prays.

The house is quiet now. The Teenager is still in her room. I am glad that finally some issues were resolved between my girl and I. All she needs to know is that I will always love her no matter who I am with and whereever she is, far or near and that I wanted her to know that she will always be close to me.

Life changed but some things will remain the same if you want to. It works both ways.

And to my husband, my love, my friend, my life partner and my soul mate, thank you for being mine and all the happiness that you have given me.



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