Hubby And His Chillis

I just simply love a quiet evening at home and having a quiet meal with no less than a home-cooked meal. Nothing so teribbly fancy. Maybe some simple noodle in chicken soup or tuna sandwiches on white bread. Lamb chop is most prominent in this household for dinner simply because they are so super easy to make. So does oven-baked BBQ-sauce marinated chicken wings.

After some time of not being used of having a male figure in my kitchen more so someone who can cook, it was refreshing to see George getting busy with the pots and pans and getting acquainted with my stove.

It took us to two supermarkets to get all the right stuff and ingredients for his chillis. Giant is not exactly a “white people” supermarket and thus doesnt have the right kind of meat he was looking for. Cold Storage offered a better selection for him and we ended up spending extra time there looking at the cheese selections and chips.

I knew he would feel instantly at home in Cold Storage!


The Teenager even brought back a few friends and they promptly cleaned up the entire left-overs.


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