Of Post Doctor Trip And H1N1

face mask

Hmmm…the sneezing, runny nose and nauseas feeling are not really helping along with the body aches. At the back of my head, I am very mindful of the appointment I have with the doctor later part of the day.

The weather has been pretty hot and humid for the past few days. It did rain a few days back but it didnt bring any relief to the weather at all. Even as I sit next to the big sliding doors, the breeze feels warm. And Snowy The Cat seems happy enough laying in between my plants right out on the porch oblivious to the world as I think he feels cooler there in between the shades. His white fur doesnt seemed white anymore, it looks more like dirty brown after falling in the drain behind the house.

Silly cat.

The news on H1N1 on Tv seems scary. There is an increase of death due to H1N1 in the country now when a 37 year old man and another 9 year old girl died in Johor Bahru yesterday. Now the death toll has increased to 15.

Two friends had their children screened for H1N1 in the past few days. They had high fever since late last week and didnt subside. Another friend’s 5 month old daughter back in KK was screened for the same flu as well as is now under quarantine. Both parents freaked out as this is their first daughter after trying to conceive for more than 7 years.

Just weeks ago I was telling a friend how the outbreak didnt seemed so real, as if there was no urgency.  Could it be that, unlike SARS outbreak a few years back, there was no real bodies to be seen? People seems to just die, but because of other complications. It didnt feel as if they died due to the virus.

Recently, Malaysia’s Health Ministry has announced a three-pronged strategy supposedly to control the virus.

Read the Ministry’s strategy here. 

A couple of months back when I came back from Singapore, The Teenager fell really sick due to high fever and was hospitalised. Days after that I got sick as well due to high fever. There was a real H1N1 scare at the time.


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