Core Competencies To Survive The 21st Century Relationships

In the olden days, Mr Oook The Husband would go out spend his days hunting for siber tigers in the jungle and Mrs Oook The Wife would be busy cleaning up the fishes caught from the nearby stream that runs near the dwellings. The story went that a few years back when Mr Oook saw the then Miss Oook (then with a different name, nee something else I am sure) looking so pretty while she sat next to the fire that she started off by herself using the newly found technic of rubbing two fire-stones together, he just sashayed over, clubbed her head till she kneeled over, carried her off on his shoulder and declared her, his.

I do believe that some of the core competencies useful to have during this uh, time would include resourcefulness, agility and ability to gauge how much of force to use when either knocking down the woman that you want or killing that ferocious looking Bambiraptor whats-his-name (I challenge you to google that one up! It did exist!!) that has fangs that dragged down to scratch the earth, scaly body and long talons. Although on a hind sight, the last competencies would also demonstrate his skills harnessed from all the years surviving among a group of people who has their names started off from either Oook also, or Aaak, Uhhh or something similar. And everyone had a club to knock out someone’s head.

Comparatively I guess it’s like having a mobile – mine is Nokia and yours is Motorola but the use is the same – to communicate.

“Have a club will travel” could be the motto during this time too.

Lesson here is this:  if you like someone, you club her head. If you dont like someone,you hit harder.

Fast forward to the current living. Ever wonder what kind of competencies required to survive the love  relationships 21st century style? It has evolve so much that there are, it seems.

I guess agility would still be a good competency to have, even in modern times. I mean, imagine if you cant be flexible on what is available for lunch during your short lunch break, right? Or trying to decide which route to take so that you will reach that meeting at a client’s office that took you 6 months back to set up? Or, worse still, trying to work with a colleague who has communication etiquette as close as a “mapiau” seller?

That can be considered as relationship, right? Not that I am suggesting you start an office romance, but you get my drift.

Global awareness? How about this one? Interestingly enough, I find this applies to the survival of a relationship in the 21st century. Imagine having your Babette who lives 10,000 miles away with 14 hours time difference.

First and foremost, only mad people do this. Mad people tend to do things the unconventional way, but then I digress.

To possess a “global awareness” competencies is, I think, a pre requisite when you have a distant relationships. The reason being is that, you need to be creative enough to minimize the effect of either the time difference, communication skills, language barrier, cultural, religious and ethnic issues. I can continue on and on!

See what I mean about only mad people do this? As it is, I have a hard time dealing with the Malaysians. So, people, global awareness is a must-have to survive in this century!

Some of my friends say that it is very important to have integrity thrown into the equation. I agree too. At least to me, when a guy says he’s picking me up for a movie, a dinner AND will send me home afterwards without asking for additional incentives for all his troubles, he better keep his words.

But then, guess I wont have any issues in this department anymore as I am married to my Wonderful Guy. But, just saying, you know?

What else can we thrown in here? I guess way too many.

Life is complicated as it is and the need to be resilient to all of these things that happen around you is very important to keep your sanity in place.

Of course, when the equation is also included in you having to deal with crappy exes and all that would take a different skill set.


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