Reflection On A Thursday Morning

I have just completed my sahur of smoked salmon and biscuits washed down with coffee. Had an orange too for the added vitamin C. The tv channel is on TV3. Then I heard her. She was reciting the surah Al Fatihah in the most beautiful, lyrical way, almost singing, in my opinion. And, have you ever seen a beautiful Ustazah before? Well, this lady certainly has it.

Her name is Ustazah Asni Abdul Mansor. She runs a weekly on-air Islamic program and has her students reciting all the various Quran verses in perfect Iqrak and, beautiful.

Her website states that she is the Deputy Managing Director of an Al Quran Training Centre, a freelance Motivator and married with 4 children. What a mama!

With an Ustazah like this, I am sure it would be a GREAT motivator to learn the Quran.

11 thoughts on “Reflection On A Thursday Morning

  1. baru semalam get to know this ustazah when i watched semanis kurma…
    The moment i saw her… i know she is something. now i know where to get advise & learn bout Quran interpretation..all the while so bz with duniawi..esp. in KL!
    Wow..smoked salmon at sahur…you are rich Hanie!

  2. Sallam, Latifah

    Thank you for dropping by. I just simply think she is so cantik, not just her physical beauty but the way she speaks and read the Quran. I hope to be able to meet her one day, Insyaallah.
    The smoked salmon wasnt really expensive, Latifah. Especially when only me who eats it at home, and my husband too, when he is back home from Canada. Per packet is about RM11 and goes a long way..

  3. salam hanie. if we are serious bout life after death we must learn the Quran. Dulu i take lightly on Quran but after my divorced..Quranla penawar but i just read without knowing the meaning. Now i wanna focus on the interpretation.One day i will contact her.

    Bout smoked salmon…hardly people eat during sahur k..i guess modern malay ladies mostly on diet but ur right to do whatever..its ur money !

  4. Sallam, Latifah. True I agree with you on the importance of understanding the translation/meaning of Al Quran. Sama la kita, after my divorce dulu, I felt so lost and was looking for some meaning in life. Wealth didnt mean anything anymore when your soul is lost. I could feel it. I turned back to the faith, read Quran translation and found my solace. My husband now, George has been a big help. Although dia muaalaf but he has been a good companion and partner for me to learn back the basics. Insyaallah we are looking forward to do more in this area.

  5. I started to “fall in love” with Ustazah Asni since the first time I saw appeared on TV9 Programme -Akademi Quran. Not “falling in love” in literal sense BUT I was amazed with her motherly voice with she talks and her voice became nicer when she reads Quran. Off course, added by her angelic face. Yesterday (12th August 2010 @ 6.00pm) there she was again appeared in TV3 programme Jejak Rasul. She narrated a story of how Prophet Muhammad s.a.w really love her daughter Siti Fatimah & how sad Fatimah was when she learned her beloved father is dying. My tears rolled on my cheek. From that moment, I swear to God & to my self I will love my kids my all my heart. Only this morning I made an effort to search who is this Ustazah Asni. She is God sent.

  6. Bard, I am glad to know that there are some good things we learn every day from TV. Last year I found out that a student of hers was the one who called the for the azan during the Maghrib prayers in one of the channels during the Ramadhan.

  7. Hi Una, I didnt see her programs this year? I was looking forward to hear her students calling for azan just like the Ramadhan this year. I will definitely would like to meet her. Can I take this offline and send you some notes to your email?

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