Chocolate / Vanilla Twist

Chocolate/vanilla twist(George) In my younger years, growing up in Canada, no trip to the Scarborough Town Centre was complete without a stop for ice cream. Not just any ice cream, but soft serve ice cream that we used to get from a snack bar there.  The coolest thing about that place was the soft serve machine itself. It didn’t just unceremoniously plop your ice cream as a globular mass inside your cone or cup, but it swirled the ice cream. More than that, the machine was capable of producing not just chocolate or vanilla ice cream, but a mix of the two. Now as my Other Half points out, I am a chocolate man. Always have been, always will be. But this twisting of chocolate and vanilla totally intrigued and delighted me. I couldn’t help but order the chocolate/vanilla twist -“half and half” is what we used to call it – just to watch the machine work its magic. And you know something? The chocolate/vanilla mixed ice cream was DAMN GOOD! So much so that it was all I would order. And on the occasions when we dropped by and the machine couldn’t produce my half and half I used to get really upset. I felt cheated. Hurt. Like the world was conspiring against me. “Fine,” I said in a low, pouty growl, “I’ll have chocolate then…!”

Years passed, and we moved away. Got side tracked by all sorts of other life experiences. Forgot all about my chocolate/vanilla twist. Never had it again.

Now here I am, three decades later, and life has come full circle. The ice cream machine of life is pumping out my chocolate/vanilla twist in the form of this union between Mr. Chocolate (me) and Ms. Vanilla (Hanie). And you want to know something? We taste DAMN GOOD together!


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