Woman, Do You Know Your Place? *snicker, snicker*

(This is Hanie blogging from the 21st floor’s blogosphere somewhere in Klang Valley.)

Caveat: Read this at your peril. It came from cynical perspective, if you may. Please feel free to have your comments but do know that you agreeing (or not) to it is of no matter to me.

We women have come a long way from being timid, seen but not heard era and we can now own a car and drive it. Alone. Yea, you read that right. Kinda scary thought when women can be deliriously off during their period. They are emotional bunch, think with their feelings. Loud too. Besides they never get the reverse parking right.

Their life cycle consist them being born, grow up, serving the family especially the male family – father, brothers. Then, God forbid if they aged more than 21 and still single. You call them Old Maid. Women must get married at young age when their body is still young and able to produce sons for the husband to carry the family name. You cannot put ideas in women by sending them to school lest they come up with bright ideas. Bright ideas make them talk. When they dare to talk they would demand rights.

They dont have the right to their own bodies. It is always their fault when men cant control their desire when looking at them. Even if they were dressed covered from head to toe. They cannot control their passion. That is the reason why in some places in African countries it is the absolute husband’s right to get the local shaman to sew his wife’s genital when he goes travelling. 

Geez woman….. dont you know your place?

*eyes rolling*

What crap.

Let me share with you an ad from way back in 1950’s. This was sent to me by a female friend knowing I would literally pick up the content and blog away about it.

I did laugh till my tummy ached but I didnt roll on the floor though. I wore a nice black dress to work today so it would not do to roll on the floor and laugh. The carpet might snag my black stockings.



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