They Found Me!

(Hanie blogging from uh, some part of the house before leaving home for work)

My husband thinks that I was being off-topic at some point when I complaint about the services of P1. He was right, of course.

Ok. I admit it. I was being a bit personal. BUT, I was an angry customer and when you blog while you were angry, well, you tend to say stuff that usually wont be said. That said, I took full responsibilities for whatever that I said last Saturday.

Applause to Sunny Beh of P1’s Branch Ops who found me ranting away about my customer dissatisfaction experience at his hub. I remember opening up my email and my jaw dropped when I saw there was actually someone from P1 who read my blog. And what better is, he was addressing my issue! What a recovery modus operandi they have.


Just a little update on what happened after I came home from the hub on Saturday. I left the hub for AM Corp Mall thinking that it would be a great idea visiting the flea market there and buying some Raya cookies. It would take away my boiling temperature! (or so I thought)

Reached home at 3.30 pm. No Raya cookies. The lady who sold my favourite cookies wasnt there. Still fuming mad.

But wait, the modem was blinking green!

I quickly logged in and opened my browser and there it was! The line was restored! Yeay!

But ..hmm..I was thinking that I spent 3/4 of the day in the hub with such mixed feelings and anger. Of course I was elated that I got my line back but I had to endure such a stressful day on top of the frustration over the past week.

But anyways, P1, thank you so much. And yes, I will not return my modem just as yet. I will give you guys another chance to buck up on the customer service. If you need someone to draw up the customer service satisfaction engagement survey, please holler this way.


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