Final Friday Before Eidil Fitri

Today is the last Friday before Eidil Fitri of which it was supposed to fall on either the coming Sunday or Monday.

Sept 19 has been fixed for the sighting of the moon to determine the date for Hari Raya Aidilfitri, the Keeper of the Rulers’ Seal announced in a statement, Saturday.

Malaysia, unlike some other Muslim countries, relies on calculation (hisab) and sighting of the moon (rukyah) to determine the day of Eidil Fitri. So, if the calculation is right, then this year’s Eidil Fitri will fall on this coming Sunday.

colourful fairy lights

The Teenager and I had decided to look for some festive cookies at AMCorp Mall by afternoon and we were delighted to get our favourites. These traditional cookies such as kuih bangkit, biskut suji are mostly sold during festive seasons like this. I simply look forward to eating the lemang and ketupat  with my favourite rendang daging.

Old Hari Raya songs somehow sounded so much better than the new ones that play on the radio, at least to my ears.

Unfortunately, George will be away for this year’s Eidil Fitri although we have made some plans later to make up for this.

This year, George and I had gotten The Teenager a lovely pair of blue kebaya for her Eidil Fitri attire. She was commenting that for next year the theme colour of the family attire would be black. Both husband and daughter love black so I guess I am outnumbered.


One Reply to “Final Friday Before Eidil Fitri”

  1. Insha Allah, my love, this is the last Ramadan and Eid that both of us will be spending apart…

    I love you much, and always…

    As salamu alaikum, wa rahmatullah, wa barakathu…

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