And Aidil Fitri Was Here

(Hanie blogging away with The Teenager playing with Snowy the Cat, and waiting for dins to be ready in the oven)


The Teenager

I woke up this morning and realized that Eidil Fitri was last Monday. Where did the time go?

I remember that it was all frenzied activities towards the days leading to Eidil Fitri. There was the last minute shopping for cookies and a few more items as we planned to go back to Raub on the afternoon of Raya. The teenager  was all dressed very early and eagerly sallam my hands asking for forgiveness. A yearly affair we have been observing and this year was no different.

Eidil Fitri was a mixed bag for us this year. For one thing, it  was a great trip back home to the kampung and meeting up the whole clan. We had put up the night at my aunt’s- Mak Andak. The evening was spent catching up on news with the rest of cousins, aunties and uncles. There were so many little nieces and nephews that I lost count for.

 The morning of second day of Eidil Fitri, we did the obligatory visits to my dad’s grave and offered prayers. Then we hopped over to the ancient cemetery which was next to the new one, and visited my grandmother’s grave. I never knew her. But I guess  for someone who had given birth to my dad surely is worth visiting and offering her some prayers too. The next stop was at my grandfather’s grave which was in Dong. Unlike the cemetery in Gali where my dad’s was, this was a well kept cemetery by comparison. As years pass by, there are more and more cemeteries to visit and to offer prayers to.


Lyn and Hanie

The rest of the day was filled with visiting cousins’ houses and by 4pm we drove back to Kuala Lumpur, back to the hustle and bustle of the city life and bright lights.


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