Playing With Someone Else’s Dreams


I met EM not too long ago. Maybe sometime early this year. We often say that God made us bumped into each other at the animal farm so that we can be friends. I make a remark about a kitten she brought in. She asked me whether we could go to the animal farm together on weekends. We became fast friends. Dog poos and cat sand became the main topic whenever we spend our time there.

She was married to a guy a few years back. Her first, his second. I was told it has not been an easy sailing for both of them as the 2 adult unemployed children (and their wives) from the husband’s first marriage hate her, thinking shes after their dad’s wealth. And the husband is always siding the children even when they were rude.

I always think that when you enter into a marriage, it always seemed that you are walking into a sort of an agreement, which technically is the case. There are expectations from both parties, alongwith hopes and dreams. It is very important for both parties to understand all of these expectations.

She wants to have a child. Unfortunately the husband who is 8 years older than she does changed his mind towards the last couple of years and has decided that he doesnt want to share this dream any longer. 

It has come to a big strain lately I was told. So strained that she has decided to walk away from the marriage when the husband has repeatedly told her her that he married her only for the companionship and nothing else.

Could there have been a missing communication here, I wonder?

Planning to have a life together is a dream. To create a new life in this relationship is a dream. Creating something together when you were in love is the ultimate dream. What would a person do when the other partner no longer share this dreams together? It would be easier if there were no legal binds that tie them together but the reality is they do.


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