Second Life Around

second life(Hanie blogging in the evening at home with the October heat, wondering how much more a new unit of aircondition would put a dent to her pocket)

The Teenager and I was at an old friend’s Hari Raya Open House over the weekend. KL-lites have just started to have their open houses by the second week of the Eidil Fitri and this trend will escalate towards the final weeks of the month.

So KL-lite-esque, so Malaysian.

My friend, lets call him J, looked fabulous in his batik shirt. He looked more relaxed, fitter and the most important thing – positively happier. His wife, Mrs J was the ever graceful hostess and we had a great time enjoying her chicken briyani, catching up about work and family.

I knew J when I was living in my old neighbourhood many years back. We both had spouses who were not keen to share our passion for singing, albeit off tune, at the community club house.  We both enjoyed  the friendship we formed with the rest of the club house friends and certainly enjoyed the respite from whatever turmoil we had back home. It was a simple, pure friendship.

Years passed away. His children grew up and so was my  Teenager. He was finally divorced from his estranged wife. I had my fair share of heart breaks in my own marriage.

One evening, J called to share some good news – he was getting married to a lady who was our mutual acquantance. Articulate, pretty and with a good head on her shoulder, she was, no doubt someone that I would be happy to see my old friend rebuild his second life together.

Three years later, as I was sitting across my beloved George during our akad nikah ceremony, I saw him stepping in together with his wife into the hall. He came by to see me starting off on my second life around too.

As I stood on his 32nd floor apartment balcony at an affluent neighbourhood somewhere in Jalan Ampang, I looked out and saw Kuala Lumpur nightscapes. Awesome view, I must tell you. He joined me not soon after. I asked him how would he rate his happiness now, from 1 to 5 where 5 is the best.

He looked back at his wife and without hesitation, he said, “10”.


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