The Teh Tarik At P1 Was Good.

I took leave from work today. For one, there was something I had to sort out at the JPJ (road transport ministry) ever since I lost my identity card and driving license not too long ago. I also make a point to visit my doctor for a medical check up. The headache had been bugging me again since a couple days back. Not nice.

Somewhere along the way, I stopped by at P1 Wimax hub in PJ to pay for my bills.

And decided to surprise Mr Sunny Beh, the SM Branch Operations of P1 by paying him a personal visit *grins*. And surprised he was. (sorry Sunny, for giving you THAT surprise). Drawing from a typical Malaysian hospitality, Sunny and I had a chat over a up of teh tarik in the lounge of P1. It was great to know that there are things that have changed ever since I blogged about my last experience with them. Though there are still gaps in a few areas, but I must admit that he was being open about all these changes and I appreciated these. I guess it wasnt his every day experience to have a blogger paying him a visit like that.

Oh well. The teh tarik was great. Kow to my liking. And so was my experience at the counters today. Kudos to Sunny and his team and hope you guys keep on improving the services as time goes by.



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