Updating an old adage…


There’s an adage that says something to the effect of “behind every great man stands a great woman”. Well, in my case, the following is so much closer to the truth and reflects how I feel about things:

“Beside every great man stands a great woman…”

My wife and I were at dinner this past Tuesday night with one of her friends, and some people that we had never met before. Such occasions can be tense and stilted affairs, as people stand back to scope out “the vibe” before deciding if and how the ice should be broken. I have to admit that I am usually one of the “vibe scopers”, and I was holding back at the start of this event. Enter my wife, who jumps in with both feet to start up an immensely interesting conversation with one of our dinner companions. I was in awe of the way she got the conversation going, listened intently to the other person, identified common ground between her work and his, and then shared her own vast experience and knowledge. I felt such an incredible admiration and respect for my wife while watching and listening to her. I couldn’t help but glow inside as I recalled the day of our marriage, when this wonderful woman had so happily and enthusiastically agreed to share her life with me. This woman is my true equal – walking not a step behind – but right by my side through the rest of life’s journey together, Insha Allah.

Tuesday night, I fell in love with my wife all over again…


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