Time Flies

Today I activated my Vermillion Christmas theme for my blog complete with the falling snow, just as how I did for the past 2 years plus. I have been doing this for the past 2 Decembers and this is my 3rd Christmas doing so.

Time surely flies. The first December of my blogging wasnt easy as the prospect of spending the new year alone was depressing enough. I remember how I sat with one of the fur-babes staring at the night sky being coloured by the fireworks.

The second December was just as lonely but I was very focus by then, knowing exactly what I wanted to do to move forward with my life. Now that the end of the year is here, I realized that I see the month of December as some sort of milestones to gauge where I am.

I am happy with the achievements I made for 2009, sad in some ways that I needed to do some decisions but will always see them as God’s will. Only He knows what is in store in the future and things always happen for a reason.

I am looking forward to enjoy my December with The Teenager as she will have her semester break soon. I also look forward for George’s return again soon after sorting out the household back in Canada and this time he will return for good, God willing. With a new, exciting career in hand now, it has been a wonderful year, all things considered.

Hopefully another exciting phase of life will begin too for 2010!


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