Aidil Adha 2009 And Reunions

This year’s Aidil Adha came and went. It was a quiet festival for us as George had gone back to Canada on the day before to sort the other household’s practicalities. Time seems to fly faster now.

The mood changed somewhat on the second day of Aidil Adha when about 40 odd of class 85/86 of Mahmudians and MGS, Raub had decided to celebrate the holy day by organizing the second reunion of sort. The first was organized by a group of us a couple of months back and the turn out was pretty good considering that the majority of the communications were done via Facebook, emails and phones.

Saloma Bistro in Jalan Ampang became the location of choice for the first reunion due to its strategic location in the city. 20 old school friends who had not met for the past 23 years arrived on that Saturday. Tears of happiness and hugs went around freely. We even had a video conferencing with another ex school mate who is now residing in the States.

The second reunion saw more ex school mates arrived. A friend of ours had generously offered his parents’ house to host the “back to kampung” reunion. The food was generously sponsored by one of our friends who is now a dentist. Typical kampung dishes of Raub-origin was layout including the famous sambal hitam, rendang daging, gulai masak lemak rebung with mackerel, all the ulams and a few types of sambal.


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