Me-time On A Saturday Afternoon

As I type this, the minute on the wall clock just strike 12.00 midnite and in a few heartbeats, there will be 11 days to go for 2010.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the movie theater watching James Cameron’s latest offerings – Avatar. Awesome movie with lots of breathtaking visuals especially when I saw the the “Hellilujah Mountains” where mountains practically just floated in the sky creating that amazing effect on the screen.

Hunky Sam Worthington played Jake Sully who turned into an Avatar, a blue creature created by human to be planted amongst the Na’vi. He then fell in love with Neytiri (the hot Zoe Saldana). The movie was pretty predictable but who cares when the effects all throughout the movie was just so amazing? The flip side of my movie watching this time around was the fact that I went alone and picked a wrong seat. The group of young men to the left side of me was chatting incessantly and the whispering among them wasnt exactly whispering. Not until I gave them a sharp look. The couple to my right wasnt exactly quiet either. The girl, I think, had a serious sinus problem and kept on snorting. That was so gross…

But all and all, it was a great movie. Dont mind going for a second round afterall.

2012 with John Cusack is another movie I really dont mind having a repeat just to enjoy the cinematic effect. I know the movie has attracted a lot of debates recently but hey! This is end of the world according to Hollywood!


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