Milestones In 2009

Way back in January, the landlord to my apartment confirmed that he was extending my lease for another year. On the 30th May, I received his text message informing me he was revoking the lease and giving me 30 days to vacant the unit. I was flabergasted and angry at the same time. How could he do this to me? I was a good tenant and never failed to pay the rent. Negotiation didnt yield any result. He was adamant to move in by June with his two wives, claiming he sold his other house and had nowhere else to go.

In between all these, Lyn entered her college life. I was a happy mom knowing that I have raised her well. It was a proud moment for me when we both were at the lobby of the college on her first day. She has grown up!

Back to May 2009. I decided not to waste anymore time and started to look for a new place. I wanted a house now instead of an apartment. A house where I sit on the porch in the evening and sip my coffee while contemplating the day’s work. A house close enough to shops, cafes and main road so that The Teenager can negotiate her day without me worrying leaving her at home while I travel. It would also solve transportation problem to her college.

Lyn and I love butter crabs at Bangsar Seafood. We have been patronizing this restaurant for the longest time. We spent Mother’s Day’s dinner there.

In June, we settled into this double storey link-house. The kitchen was a dream. Lyn brought back friends. I played hosts to close friends on weekends. In early July, George and I decided we want to officiate the relationship. Within weeks, we were preparing for “something important”.

Amidst the chaos of house shifting, work and whatnot, I managed to escape all these by going on a short weekend trip with Myza and a few other friends. 5 cars, 8 friends and 6 dogs went on this trip. In the depth of Perak jungle, we put up the night at a budget jungle lodge. We lounged on hammocks in the evening. Went picnicking at the river but not before riding on this four-wheel drive jeep passing through the most amazing tree-lined secondary road right in the jungle.

I also decided to drive further up north-east after camping was over. Pangkor was the next destination.

I told myself this would be my last sunset alone without George. I knew then how I wanted to spend the rest of my life.

I could never forget 23 July 2009. My groom looked dashing in his baju Melayu. The Teenager helped to prepare the “hantaran” together with her friends. My friend, Eda and her husband Megat was gracious enough to open their house for our wedding. Right after Maghrib prayers, I became Mrs Bohlender.

Life seems more interesting, livelier, brighter. We went for shows, had dinners, entertained friends, organized barbeques.

23rd October 2009 was also The Teenager’s 18th birthday. We organized the first barbeque at home as a family.

But not before having dinner at Chili’s.

The Razaif-Bohlender household celebrated the first Eidil Fitri at home, minus George who was still away. Next year, God willing, will be celebrated together.

The Mahmudians and MGS girls’ class 85/86 reunion was held at Saloma Bistro, Jalan Ampang. 20 old friends met after 23 years of leaving our alma mater.

2009 is coming to an end in a few days time. It has been snowing back in Canada. George told me it was -30 today. We talked just like any other day for the past one year. Time flies and we have been together for more than a year. The Teenager just got back from Langkawi a few days back. It was so difficult for me to let her go travelling that far, but she did. And came back a happy Teenager. Next year, we plan to go travelling as a family, just the three of us. I hope they both dont mind Airasia’s flight. I really wanted to see Angkor Wat. The Teenager wanted to be in Bali. And my husband dearest wants to have his quick weekend gateway to the kampungs and enjoy the sunset at the beach.

Whichever destination we have in mind, they all are looking good.

I can feel it in my bones.


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