Of My Religion, The Malays And My Country

For the past few days, the news have been bombarded with unsavoury pictures of Muslim extremists all over the world. On home ground, a few churches were burnt by arsonists. For some reason, noone claimed responsibility for this act of stupidity and cowardness.

What is wrong with these pictures below?

I cannot identify for the life of me reading how my faith that preaches peace has been labelled as promoting the beheadings of innocent people? Child bombers are celebrated.

It is a wonder why would Muslims want to move a few steps backward as oppose to others who are reaching out to learn what the universe has to offer.

A friend was relating a story when her spouse, who at one time was working on a project, was with a group of officials to Thailand for a “business trip”. The trip involved some special meetings with ladies of the night and I am sure they were busy discussing some outcums. A few hours of busy negotiating new terrains of the foreign land, all drained out, they came out hungry.

Hungry tummies called for substantial food. And since they are not familiar with the area, they had to ask around where to get halal food.

Now, wasnt that an irony? They were busy humping earlier with women who were clearly not their wives, and they came out looking for halal food?

A lady headmistress who wore hijjab came to me sometime years ago and told me how I have shamed my religion and my race for wearing a business attire in her school. I was with my daughter at that time. She obviously picked a wrong person to battle her bitchiness that morning. I told her she didnt have to right to wear the hijjab as she herself had disgraced the religion by bringing embarassment to another person. And right infront of my daughter.

As time goes and as I meet so many people, I find that the Malay Muslims have become more hypocrite in their outlook of life.

Last July, my husband pointed out to an article where the Chairman of a committee of a certain mosque had written to the Editor of a local newspaper. In essence, his letter was saying that all non Malays should be banned from Malaysia and that all these white devils are up to no good simply because they are not Muslim.

My husband’s good intention of walking the full 10 minutes to perform his prayers over at that mosque was stopped after reading this. He opted to go elsewhere. I was embarassed and had to swallow the fact that there are those who holds position of good power and yet surprisingly a total religion tolerance challenged.


2 Replies to “Of My Religion, The Malays And My Country”

  1. Assalamuallaikum,

    I didn’t have better things to do last night, feeling bored, surfing the net for a change and came across your site and became intrigued with your blog. Oh by the way, I am a Malay too and also with a white husband. I find the writing above very thought provoking. One time ago, one of my facebook’s friend shared one of the article relating the same issue. I was observing the discussions, however at the end I felt that I had to say something. This is my comment, “Please differentiate Islam and Muslim. Islam is perfect, but muslims are far from it”. Funnily enough, no body commented on my comment. People, either in the west or in the east, sometimes got the two completely mixed up.

    After all, we are all human. Shaitan promised Allah that, all Allah (swt) creations(men and women) will be subjects to his whispers. Thus, even if someone who is pious, will have “doubts” and through this doubts, if not immediately remedied through dhikr, istghifar, salah and suppications (insyallah) will fall into shaitan’s whisper. I was in Malaysia for 14 months 2 years ago, Astaghfirullah, at that time I was still not wearing a hijab, but Alhamdullilah, I was still observing my salah. I still remember the looked I got when I enter suraus for salah without a hijab on, hmmmmm. Human like to judge each other, no matter malay or indian or chinese or arabs.

    SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, that your husband observes Islam, May Allah Have Mercy on him and continue to guide him to the righteous. Please, make doa to Allah to show the people of the previous mosque to the right path. Being tolerance, understanding, peaceful and non judgemental towards each other(muslim and non-muslim) is the fundamental of Islam that many Muslims seemed to have forgotten.

  2. Wsalam Hasnita

    I am glad you found my blog useful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. There are so many stories to tell about mixed marriages as well as the religion, of being a Malay….people tend to get confused between what is required by the religion and what is being practiced in a culture.

    Thanks for dropping by and come back soon.

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