Of My Religion, The Malays And My Country

2 thoughts on “Of My Religion, The Malays And My Country”

  1. Assalamuallaikum,

    I didn’t have better things to do last night, feeling bored, surfing the net for a change and came across your site and became intrigued with your blog. Oh by the way, I am a Malay too and also with a white husband. I find the writing above very thought provoking. One time ago, one of my facebook’s friend shared one of the article relating the same issue. I was observing the discussions, however at the end I felt that I had to say something. This is my comment, “Please differentiate Islam and Muslim. Islam is perfect, but muslims are far from it”. Funnily enough, no body commented on my comment. People, either in the west or in the east, sometimes got the two completely mixed up.

    After all, we are all human. Shaitan promised Allah that, all Allah (swt) creations(men and women) will be subjects to his whispers. Thus, even if someone who is pious, will have “doubts” and through this doubts, if not immediately remedied through dhikr, istghifar, salah and suppications (insyallah) will fall into shaitan’s whisper. I was in Malaysia for 14 months 2 years ago, Astaghfirullah, at that time I was still not wearing a hijab, but Alhamdullilah, I was still observing my salah. I still remember the looked I got when I enter suraus for salah without a hijab on, hmmmmm. Human like to judge each other, no matter malay or indian or chinese or arabs.

    SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah, that your husband observes Islam, May Allah Have Mercy on him and continue to guide him to the righteous. Please, make doa to Allah to show the people of the previous mosque to the right path. Being tolerance, understanding, peaceful and non judgemental towards each other(muslim and non-muslim) is the fundamental of Islam that many Muslims seemed to have forgotten.

  2. Wsalam Hasnita

    I am glad you found my blog useful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. There are so many stories to tell about mixed marriages as well as the religion, of being a Malay….people tend to get confused between what is required by the religion and what is being practiced in a culture.

    Thanks for dropping by and come back soon.

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