Cooking For The Sick

Today I had to pay a visit to the doctor. This terrible headache and floaty feeling have been bugging me to no end for the past couple of weeks. I kept on thinking about that two glasses of red wine that I had during the last annual dinner. I know that I have a few triggers and so it could have been it.

140/100. That was what the blood pressure monitor said. I was a walking time bomb!

About 19 years ago I walked into Dr Goh’s clinic who was my O&G. It was suppose to be a monthly routine as I had a few more weeks to go before the baby was due. The pregnancy had been a difficult one. I was hospitalized  so many times due to so many complications that I exausted all of my medical and annual leave. But that morning felt different. My legs were swollen like an elephant’s and the headache was unbearable. I felt floaty. As I lay down on the medical bed, I thought my belly looked as if it was going to burst.

160/140. That was my BP on that morning. For one moment, I was thinking about my appointments in the office for the rest of day. The next moment, I was wheeled out from the doctor’s suite to be prepared for a C-section.

The BP never did go away completely even after close to 19 years of giving birth.

So, today, I cooked something simple and not too heavy. Cant do much with a bigger-than-an elephant headache than to just cook something quick, simple and edible.


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