Adjustment To A New Living

As I sit across the dining table from my husband, I could not imagine for the life of me feeling so contented like this despite the fact that we have been sitting here quietly for the past few minutes immersing ourselves in emails and Facebooking on each other’s laptops.

Just yesterday I told him that please, could he bear with with me while I get myself adjusted to the fact that I am now able to wake up to him in the morning, having him to be the last person I see before I get to bed, and having a partner to talk to while we go out to the malls. I am also adjusting to a partner who actually makes coffee for me in the morning and vacuuming the bedroom. Oh, by the way? I am also adjusting to the I love you’s, hugs and kisses that he so lavish on me.

How living with a husband who is also a partner, friend, lover and soulmate has changed the perspective of love. Coming from me wh0 was always questioning the actual existence of this concept…hmm…

So yes. There is such thing as this soul mate concept. It comes to you when you least expected it. Life has come to a full cycle. This family of two has now become three. Full engine forward from now onwards.


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