To All The Teenagers In The World

Bringing up a child is as difficult as it is. When they are babies, there is another set of issues to deal with – colic, viral fever, diaper change etc etc. When they grow a bit older you will find yourself always on the brink of sanity with their antics, tantrums and growing pains that seem to be worse as the clock hit the wee hours of the morning. Emergency room bills will prove you that.

So when these kids grow to their teenage years, it goes without saying that there are more issues to deal with. To me teenagers are selfish lot. They want to be babies at some times, and be an adult at other times. The problem is, they are neither. The moment there are problems, they will retreat under the disguise of being a baby so that hopefully they are not punished for the misdeeds they do.

Parents like me are always perplex with one other issue. Some other people’s teenagers are so eager to heed advice from you when your own doesn’t seem to open up an ear at all. Where have we gone wrong? I don’t have an answer to all these.

I have thought over the weekend some of the issues and thoughts that I think are shared among the other parents in the wide world  about their teenagers. Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Have you seen what the next door neighbour has been feeding their kids? Yea..and you think your brussels sprouts and roast chicken are bad food?
  • No, I am not your walking ATM machine.
  • The fixed phone line at home is for making reasonable phone calls and receiving phone calls. It has meters that needs to be paid. Talking to your school mates for 4 hours on the phone does not cut it. What? Dont you guys talk at school?
  • 5,000 text messages within 20 days to your GF/BF/BFF are insane. What do you guys talk about anyway??
  • The trash from the kitchen cannot walk by itself to the garbage bin outside.
  • We dont have maids to clean your room every day. (and yes the laundry bag cannot be filled by itself)
  • Molds on plates in your room is not some exotic art work that you’d like to keep for future generations.
  • Clothes on the floor doesn’t give me that “homely feeling” and since your room technically is still in my house, I expect them to be either in the cupboard or laundry bag.
  • Please let me know the next time you want to borrow my Channel tops and especially my perfume so that I can buy you one too. I dont want to end up turning my perfume bottle in the perfume to find them empty. Same thing with my shampoos and conditioner.
  • When I said I want to take you out for a nice, fancy dinner that would cost me half of my salary, I meant only you, not you, your BF and your BFF and your BFF’s BF.
  • There are no little green men in the kitchen to clean up after you (and your buddies) come and ransack the kitchen to fry nuggets on a Saturday night at 3.00 am.
  • The car runs on fuel, not water or saliva. Please fill the tank again after you took it out for some spin with your friends.
  • College is too hard? Try working your ass off 5 days a week, a few mouths to feed, a mortgage, a car loan, a few cats and a traffic jam to beat, Little Missy!

Feel free to chime anywhere.


3 Replies to “To All The Teenagers In The World”

  1. no wonder your blood pressure naik. bacause of me. that’s why i decided to move out after 2 months working. as you said make your life easier. thx. love you ma

  2. Nope, wont make my life easier, Girl. I didnt give birth to you so that it “will make my life easier”. I want you to know that I love you no matter what, and want to give you the best fighting chances in this world. We talked about the deal last night yes?

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