My Wish To My Loved Ones

According to Wikipedia, Generation Y is described as teenagers of the day, which they defined as separate from Generation X, and then aged 13–19 (born 1974-1980), as well as the teenagers of the upcoming ten years and “Generation Y” alludes to a succession from “Generation X”.

General gaps can be identified as follows: (credit)

  • Lost Generation – those who fought in World War 1
  •  Interbellum Generation – born at the close of the 19th century and were young adults during the 1920s.
  • Greatest Generation – the generations who fought in World War 2
  • Silent Generation – generation who were too young to join the service in World War 2 but their formative years had great impact due to the event.
  • Baby Boom Generation – born in the circa of 1960’s.
  • Gen X – those born after the Baby Boomers ended, circa 1961 to 1981. Also known as Baby Busters.
  • Gen Y – also known as Generation Next or the Millenials. Born between mid to late 1970’s to early 2000’s.
  • Generation Z – those born in the mid 1990’s and the end of 2000’s. Also known as Digital Natives or iGen.
  • Those born after 2010, it was suggested they should be called as Generation Alpha.

According to a report compiled by a wellknown global staffing and recruitment company, the Baby Boomers just want to work, the Gen X want flexibility in work and the Gen Y want flexibility and meaning in work. Gen X seldom see their parents who are mostly at work.

Working in the current environment, I thought I have been trained well in managing these issues and challenges. Notwithstanding, working closely with so many youths throughout the years has prepared me for those occassional “surprises” sprang up. It is said that regular communication, feedback sessions and sense of ownership will provide a better platform to an understanding of Gen Y.

I wish I could just practice all these knowledge on the home front better than what I have been educating my clients in my course of work. Just yesterday I was talking to my husband and sharing with him my thoughts on parental responsibilities. I just want my Teenager to have a better fighting chance in the outside world. My world revolves around only two people now and will always stay that way. The love and care I shower have been given unconditionally.

When I was young, the fighting chances were given in a way that many of them were very hurting. I didn’t understand any of them. There were many times when I thought I had lost the love of my parents, especially my dad’s. Being a gung-ho teenager didn’t really help with the relationship with my dad who was a quiet and reserved man. To have a mom who was always raising the bar was equally depressing at so many points. Nothing was good enough.

I grew up deciding that when I had my own broods to raise, I will make sure they will be given all the opportunities and fighting chances that I could offer. More communication, no judgement and allowing the growing up process to take place. There was one time when my husband and I were away on a short trip and I was fussing about the Teenager. I was anxious wanting to know whether was she eating well, safe and sound at home and making time to her college (knowing she is a morning-challenged person). My husband called it “separation anxiety”. I did fret and fuss about all these. All throughout the years there were only the two of us. I knew she is growing up and finding her own footings. I knew she would explore the world outside.

When she was 13, we decided to take a drive around the neighbourhood where we used to live. Just driving around quietly and not saying anything, I detected something that she wanted to tell me. Finally, we stopped infront of this shoplots and she turned around and asked, “Will you love me even when I make mistakes?”

I hugged her so tight that I think almost choked her. I told her that I will love her no matter what, even when the world collapse and the earth opens.

Love hurts and sometimes you seem to be cruel in order to be kind.

In the process, I do hope those whom I love so dearly and fiercely will at the end of the day realize all these.


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