Astro Oh! Astro! Where Art Thou?

TV programs on most weekends are boring, most of the afternoons are filled with game shows and series that I really dont even bother following. Slapsticks comedies are not my cup of tea too. George seeing me lamenting on this decided to hook up for Astro service to our home. I have not had Astro in a long while since my previous life a few years back.

He was kind enough to walk to the nearest Astro service office near our home, registered and we patiently waited for 14 days for them process and fix an appointment for us with a local installer. Just shy from the 14 days, George received a notification from Astro and promptly fixed a suitable time for us to be at home for the installation.

I never felt so excited waiting for a cable installation in my whole entire life. It is like waiting for a special day. I also thought it was too good to be true that the local installer had fixed an appointment with a promise to call before arriving. What change of breath of air, I thought. Finally, things are done a bit differently.

Perhaps, I spoke to soon.

The promised time which was at 1.00 pm on the Sunday came. Waited till 2.00 pm. I decided to give the installer a call. No luck. Tried four more times until the fifth it was answered by a lady. She said she would get the installer to return my call saying maybe he has a fever. She promptly hung up. She never bothered to take down my details too.

George and I cooked. We ate our lunch. We had dessert. Bathed 4 cats. Read newspapers.

3.00 pm. No installer.

3.15 pm I called the installer again. No answer. I was pissed off. I want my Astro. I waited for 14 days and I didnt see it happening today. Ok, move to Plan B. I called the Customer Service. Told the lady at the end of the line about the predicament and promptly told her to change the installer.

He is not worth the fees my husband has prepared the money for. Infact, I was embarassed. And pissed off. Embarassed because my theory that it was too good to be true did came true. So typical. He could have called if he had been caught up with some other things.

Ni kalu aku nak cakap, ni la Melayu tapi ramai yang sensitive pulak.


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